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Toolbox Booking is an artistic consulting and booking company based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded by Benjamin Fournet in 2018, Toolbox Booking mostly works with emerging or renowned French and Belgian bands, facilitating their connection to the most suitable promoters and festivals worldwide.

Benjamin Fournet first worked as a booking assistant at BRASS DURHAM INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL during two years. In 2010, he started a successful career as a booking agent at Pyrprod in Dijon, France. He was in charge of the whole roster including French highlights such as Tryo, La Rue Ketanou, Carpenter Brut, Les Hurlements d’Leo (…). During this time he also enjoyed developing a more international roster (Black Uhuru, Heymoonshaker, Elysian Fields…) as well as fostering the careers of young national talents like Gauvain Sers and Boulevard des Airs.

What we think : The ever changing music industry made Benjamin come to the following conclusion: The success of a music project relies on how well partners are able to work together, always in close relationship with the artist/band. We are proud to present Toolbox Booking as an independent company which will look out for the best partners for artists who require extra care and passion.



Carpenter Brut logo Carpenter Brut logo 2 Carpenter Brut live

Carpenter Brut

Heavy French Touch

Carpenter Brut is the hottest synthwave, darksynth act yet. He released Trilogy in 2015. His tracks feature on Hotline Miami 2 and the Crew amongst others and released his first LP Leather Teeth in February 2018, a really short one : 32 minutes. « 8 tracks, like all the good old metal albums. People can listen to it over and over again if they feel this is too short.” Carpenter Brut presented his latest album around the globe throughout 2018, including appearances at world famous festivals like Coachella (USA), Osheaga (Canada), Primavera Sound (Spain), Hellfest (France) and internationally known venues such as Olympia (Paris), Koko (London), Irving Plaza (New York City), etc.

charlie faron bandit

Charlie Faron

Retro / Vintage

A Creator Charlie Faron. 23 years old

Charlie spent his childhood in New Jersey, USA, studied music in London and got a baccalauréat in France. Singer and selft taught musician from an early age, Charlie discovered fashion later on. The young man does not follow trends ; he is super sensitve, a dreamer and never fitted into any kind of “box”.

Therefore, right after his first year of studies, he decided to call it quits and start his own projects, learning from scratch.

As a huge tattoo fan, at the age of 19, he started his own clothes brand. He designed, embroidered all first hundreds and then thousands of socks, tshirts, hoodies. Encré was born.

However, that was not enough for him. He also accomplished to lauch his electro project 228K which reached a couple of million streams on Spotify.

Now, Charlie has a stable clothes brand, owning two stores in Paris and Lyon, having his clothes being available throughout France and Asia, a 40K+ community on Instagram and once again, he had to start a new project!

Charlie Faron released in November 2021 his first single Emmène-Moi through his own label Encré.Mp3, distributed by Idol. Now, what will happen next?

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